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Why Conscious Coaches Are in Demand!

We want to help our clients experience more. We want to show them that there is a better, happier, more successful path to what they want in their lives. We want to be the best coaches, healers and teachers for our clients. Yet, the programs we have come across focus too heavily on skills, processes and programs that don't work for your clients the way you hoped. 

You are looking for a way of working with your clients that helps them experience lasting transformation in a way that is meaningful to them and to you that is also profitable (so that you can stay in business). There are a record number of coaches entering the industry every year. An alarming 80% of those coaches aren't making money. That is devastating, not only for those coaches who feel pushed out of their dream, but for the clients who go un-served. The other challenge facing coaches is a record number of clients who feel they are not getting the help, information or transformation they hoped for. People are spending record amounts of money to receive to-do lists and action plans that leave them feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. 

If I know you, I know this is devastating for you also and you want to be different. You are pulled by a mission to make a real impact in this world.

Conscious Life Design Coaching offers a distinctive approach to coaching that will give you the framework to understand the mechanics of transformation. You will learn to facilitate transformation in your clients, while helping them to navigate the precise stages of change they will experience along the way. Most important you will KNOW when the process is working for your clients and when your clients simply aren't ready. You will also learn how to ensure that all of your clients achieve results and become raving fans!


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Conscious Life Design Coaching is a certification process for coaches, healers, teachers and facilitators of all kinds, but it is also a transformation process for you. You will become a more consciously aware human, able to hold space and continually create programs your clients will love! Some of the benefits of participating in this program:

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What Students Are Saying

about the Conscious life design certification program

Cassie Garrett

Conscious Life Coach graduate

The Conscious Life Design Program was something that I entered into without many thought-out expectations, and mainly for the opportunity to continue learning from Joy. She came into my life at a time when I was seeking clarity, and opened my world up to immense possibility and her divine wisdom. The Conscious Life Design Program was exactly what I'd been seeking my whole life - I just didn't know it until it was put in front of me. It's provided me with a network of loving support, a dynamic toolkit of coaching practices, and a deeper understanding of how I can best serve in my lifetime. Joy's the perfect guide for new coaches, as she gently nudges you to understand the things your soul already knows. This is a program you will not regret, and one that I feel is like no other. As a conscious being and someone whose purpose is deeply related to bringing this awareness of consciousness to others, this has been the most important and life-changing thing I've experienced.


Sara Spada

Conscious Coaching Graduate

When I set out to enhance my coaching & mentorship practice there were skill sets that I wanted to develop and also a sense of confidence and purpose that I intended on discovering... though, to be honest, I wasn't sure what that was going to look like for me... I probably had thoughts of tools & guidelines that were linear and prescriptive... which is silly when you think of Conscious Coaching! The Conscious Life Design coaching certification program has given me so much more! I am clear on my divine purpose and nature that will support my presence with clients. I am confident in coaching others in contexts that are tapping into my own personal stories; and am able to draw own my life experiences in an effective way. I am excited to have a new language in numerology, archetypes, universal law, nature & biology that opens my vision of each client and our world in a massive way. I feel amplified, aligned and so excited to coach & mentor my clients with these perspectives in mind... this is not to mention the amazing coaching that we have received from Joy and each other along they way... a new family & support system... don't hesitate!


Heather Ruth

Conscious coaching graduate

 When I decided that I wanted to become a coach, my first and only person with whom I felt could guide me was Joy Kingsborough. Her ability to hear between the lines, see your magical abilities and her immense knowledge around consciousness and awareness formulated a program packed with insight, light and directed guidance. I came into the Conscious Life Design Coaching program with limited knowledge about what it takes to be a coach, how to hold space for clients and guide with intuition. I highly recommend this program, you will not regret it at all. The community, relationships and guidance is unparalleled. What I believe to be a revolution in changing how we relate to our clients, friends and associates in all aspects of life is designed in this program. You will leave more centered, more aligned and enlightened to your gifts that you will bring to your coaching practice.  


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