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Divine Purpose Blueprint



About your Divine Purpose Blueprint:

In this intuitive, personalized numerology report you will discover your key personality traits and karmic lessons that determine your paths to success in this lifetime. Your Blueprint also maps out the major themes evolving in your life right now, while providing new insights and perspectives based on where you have been and where you are headed. The Divine Purpose Blueprint is truly a unique gift for each of us to help ease our anxiety about what we should and should not be doing with our lives right this moment. Your Divine Purpose Blueprint is also like a GPS, helping you to make choices that align with your purpose and values. You will feel lighter and more confident after your Blueprint is revealed to you in this intuitive session.

Each Blueprint Includes:

Divine Personality Profile
Soul Purpose Profile (Career Expression, Relationship Potential, and Health Insights)
Divine Map of Karmic Lessons
Annual Tarot-Numerology Forecast (Personal and Universal Influences)
Each report includes a full intuitive written report and a live 60 minute private reading to deliver the messages coded into your report. Your Divine Purpose Blueprint reading can be delivered in person via video-chat anywhere in the world. Order your report today!

NOTE: The Divine Purpose Blueprint requires up to 1 week to produce, as it is completed personally for you by Joy Kingsborough. Once you have completed your purchase you will be emailed a link to schedule your live (via video) reading. If you would like to connect with someone directly, please email

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