You are sick of felling stuck and held back. 

You know you have a voice, a message and a way to help others.

You are ready to make an impact in the world, but you honestly feel exhausted by your circumstances.


You're Not Alone.

So many emerging leaders are facing these same challenges. Most of these challenges stem from our uncertainty of how to take action during these uncertain times.

As the world shifts from the information age to the age of Consciousness, we see major changes in how we work. Competition is shifting to collaboration, gratitude is favored over greed, we are learning to trust our intuition, and women are feeling pulled to lead more than ever before. This is exciting on so many levels; however, it is also happening so fast that changing our behaviors and mindsets can feel overwhelming.

If you feel this way too, you are not alone and it's not your fault. You were born into a world that wanted you to believe in your limits as a way of keeping you safe (and small). As the paradigm began to shift in 2006 and a new model emerged, most of us didn't know what to trust, who to listen to, or how to take action effectively. We didn't yet have a system of transformation in place to redesign our mindset, manage our emotions, or use our intuition.

That's All Changed!

After I learned to resolve the limiting mindset that was stopping me, I was able to activate a higher mindset designed for leadership and success.

I went from floundering and faking-it to creating sustainable income and massive impact through my business! I studied mindset, meditation, psychology, and physics until one day my life shifted for good!

I have worked with 100s of clients since then, sharing the transformational techniques I developed. (Read More about what some of my clients are saying.)

And so...Mastering the BrainGAME was born!


Mastering the BrainGAME

8-Week Transformation begins November 8th!

This 8 Week program includes all of the core elements needed to transform your mindset from setbacks and limitations to leadership and success!

 In just a few weeks you will feel the changes rippling through your business - resulting in increased client attraction, confidence, clarity and focus!

Here's how this transformation works:


Weeks 1, 2 & 3

Get ready to have your mind blown! In the first few weeks we deconstruct reality, uncovering the false perceptions you have of the world, relationships, health and money. Why? Because how you are looking at life and your business right now is distorting your vision, holding you back and sabotaging your actions.

The result of this new awareness will immediately invite these results:

--> Freedom from outdated beliefs and limits

--> Scrub any mind-viruses: small thinking, the fraud syndrome

--> Activation of self confidence, clarity, worth and love

--> Intentionally trigger experiences of peace, ease, and abundance


Weeks 4, 5 & 6

Things are just getting started during Part Two as your self perceptions and awareness of your potential is activated. Any limits to your expression as a leader have been shattered and you will now be able to see your Leadership traits without fear.

The results of this transformational awareness include:

--> A higher awareness of your big vision

--> Alignment with the "pull" of your purpose

--> Increased sense of your worth, value and strengths

--> New mindset for leadership

--> Identification of your Personal & Professional Success Archetypes


Weeks 7 & 8

This is the grand finale and a time to celebrate your breakthrough as you create a strategic plan to assert your vision into the world (aka UPLEVEL). You will learn the secret art of transmutation and intentional vision activation. You will learn to tap directly into the Universe to activate limitless energy, raw potential, and Intuitive knowledge. 

It will feel like you have hit the jackpot as you see the synchronicity of life deliver your intentions with ease! I am not talking about hit-or-miss manifestations. You will have a direct recipe for connecting with your inner magic - anytime, anywhere.

Walk away with a priceless new system to UPLEVEL your life and business anytime! Some of the other benefits of Part Three are:

--> Daily activation of inspired action

--> A consistent and reliable method of stimulating momentum to fulfill your vision

--> Confidence to assert your leadership, visibly in the world

--> Naturally attract new clients, opportunities and experiences

--> A no-holding-back approach to your life and business!

If you are ready to be unstoppable, you are ready for Mastering the BrainGAME!

This is the LAST CLASS for 2016

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Starts Nov. 8, 2016

--> 8 Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Joy (yes, they will be recorded).

--> Weekly Transformational Processes, Mastermind Discussion and Hot Seat Coaching

--> Private Online Office Hours Weekly

--> 1 Private Intuitive Personality Profile and Personalized Yearly Forecast

--> Recorded Teaching Modules and Workbook

--> Lifetime Access

--> Private Facebook Group for Participants Only

The last group for 2016 is starting on November 8th and is limited to 6 people (3 spots still available). Investment is $1400.*

*If you need payment arrangements, please contact my team below.

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