Taking Time to Pause


Taking Time to Pause

Busy, busy, busy…I know your days are full. People to meet, things to do, and places to go, but, do you take time to notice and be in the current moment? You know, that moment that is here and real right now. The moment that is your life. Are you busy running to fast toward your goals that you are missing what’s happening right now?

The present moment offers so much more than most of us realize. The present moment is not just an opportunity to catch our breath, to rest and recover. The present moment offers so much more! The present moment offers us connection to a higher part of ourselves. Call it intuition, your higher self, your spirit guides, or what ever you like. You have unlimited access to the information, ideas, and insights that this higher state of awareness offers in abundance.

If you would like a life hack that will give you an edge in business and life, try this: Take time to pause for at least 10 minutes once every day. This action (yes action) will slow down the busy energy of your mind and body long enough for you to tap into this higher awareness. All it takes is a willingness to stop what you are doing for 10 minutes. You don’t have to do anything fancy. You can simply breath with intention by closing your eyes and bringing your awareness to each inhale and exhale breath. Focus on exhaling completely. Count to 50 or 100, 1 count for each inhale and exhale. That’s it. Your body already knows what to do. This is a natural aspect of being human.

To hear the voice of your higher awareness all you need to do is pause and make time for it. Why? Because our higher awareness is only present during specific brainwave states. When we are busy and moving our bodies the brain is dominantly in a faster brainwave frequency than when we slow down to the present moment. The slower frequencies found in presence allow us to connect. It is simple physics, you must meet your higher awareness in the same vibrational proximity.

Even if your intention is not to connect with your higher awareness, taking time to pause will improve your health, will improve your focus, will improve your productivity, and will improve your ability to connect with others. The benefits of the pause far outweigh any benefits of continuing to be busy for those extra 10 minutes each day.




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