Reflecting on 2014 – Turning Judgement and Comparison into Compassion and Love


Reflecting on 2014 – Turning Judgement and Comparison into Compassion and Love

In my courses and programs I help others discover and release their sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. I do my humanly best to walk my talk in my own life as well. Having the tools makes a world of difference; however, there is no way for any person to avoid the “work” that is asked of us to grow and expand. My business and life grew exponentially this year. That means, the work under the surface has been tremendous!

One of my biggest lessons for 2014 has resulted from a new level of experience with judgement and comparison. How I judge or “dislike” others and myself has been an important piece of my growth. My comparison of myself with others has been upsetting to my ego and challenging to my business growth. “Am I enough…Look what that coach is offering…maybe I could do that too?”

On the surface I can see right through these thoughts; however, my subconscious needed a little more understanding. Facing what I have judged in others so that I can find the root within myself has been the work. Reminding myself that my experiences are all a result of what is happening inside of myself on a daily and sometimes hourly basis was the work.


As I reflect back on the work this year I am grateful for how the lessons have unfolded and the happy consequences of growth. 🙂

What my judgments and comparisons have taught me this year:

-to be less hard on my self
-to be compassionate of others and myself
-to forgive everyday (not just sometimes and for some people)
-to let go of guilt from past “mistakes” (to embrace my journey in its entirety)
-to release my fear of not being enough for the world when I am truly myself (ouch!)
I am so grateful for the challenges, the conflict, and the confrontation I invited into 2014. The people and experiences that showed up for me were perfect! Sometimes painful and confusing in the moment I love them all. I feel much freer to be me in 2015.

So, I begin my journey into 2015 with love, acceptance, and compassion by releasing the “shoulds.” I eliminated the word from my vocabulary years ago, but I still practice them silently in my own mind from time to time. I am freeing others from my expectation of who I think they should be; what I think they should do; and, what I think I should mean to them. I free others and therefore free myself from the weight of my own expectation. Starting now I release myself from the caged prison of my own shoulds, doubts, and fears.


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