Forgiveness Changed Our Lives: A Tale of Two Boys


Forgiveness Changed Our Lives: A Tale of Two Boys

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I was recently asked to speak on the power of Love and Miracles. It was a lot of fun and a deviation from the types of conversations I have had in the past. In preparing I had the opportunity to reflect on my life and on what has made the most impact on my journey.

The list of people and events that have impacted me is long and many. However, when I reflected on the impact I have made in the world, I didn’t know how to measure that (not that we should). I was curious about how I had mattered in the lives of others. I know my clients have all shared their love for my work, but beyond my direct work, am I making an impact?

As I reflected, I thought about my children.

I have 2 sons, they are 9 years apart (they are 13 and 22 now). I was a very young single mother with my first son and as you can guess I made a lot of mistakes. I always felt like I was growing up along side him. I yelled, I tried to control him, and I resented not having a social life. I felt lonely and unhappy and afraid all the time. I wasn’t spiritually connected in the way that I am now and I wasn’t thinking about my future down the road. But, something in me began to change when he was 8. I wanted more for him and for me.

When my son was 9 I was remarried and welcomed his brother into the world. I became a different person then. I became a better version of myself. I went on a journey of self love and acceptance. I was a completely different parent with my youngest than I had been with my oldest. Although I tried to be the same with both of them, I had pretty ingrained patterns of parenting that had to be shifted. Over time, I shifted naturally and the relationship I have with both boys today is beautiful.

However, in those early years, my oldest son was resentful and irritated by his younger brother. They fought a lot! I was devastated and wanted more than anything, for my boys to be loving and have a close relationship. I tried art therapy, counseling, and behavior modification. Nothing worked. I stopped trying. I surrendered to what was, and focused on my youngest sons well being. He was only 5, and his brothers anger and aggression was difficult for him to understand. He was withdrawing and I wanted to help him. So, I turned to meditation. Meditation had given me peace during some of the most difficult times in my life. I hoped that meditation might help my son cope and feel safe.

Wow! What an amazing, miraculous experience!

Teaching my son was easy. He was open to learning and I began with very simple techniques. I had been teaching adults for about a year and I had an intuition around how children might learn. So, I started with breath work. Simple breathing games that helped him find peace.

After 4 weeks of practicing breath work every morning, my young son came downstairs and with a shocked look on his face declared a major revelation. “Mom, I know why my brother kicks me and is mean. He has forgotten. He has forgotten that we are all one…we are all pieces of the same person living different versions of the same life. When my brother kicks me, he is kicking himself.” Wow. Five years old and he understood something so deep and profound, something I had only recently discovered myself.

In that moment of awareness, my 5 year old son forgave his brother and held compassion in his heart for him that has lasted 8 years! From that day forward, the two brothers became very close and never fought again. Not once. The most significant part of this story, for me, is that my older son did not meditate and did not have the same awareness until much later. He simply responded to the (unspoken) forgiveness and compassion from his brother and without awareness stopped picking on his brother. The energy of the situation had been healed by the power of forgiveness and both boys were released. I am still in awe of this experience 8 years later.

Where does that leave me today? I now remember why I am here on this planet. I am here to help others find peace and forgiveness in their hearts so that they can change their lives. When we change our lives as individuals we have a ripple effect in the world around us. That ripple effect will lead to a completely new world someday. The more of us who walk this path, the faster we get there! So, I want to share this video. It is the first in a series of videos that offers techniques and tips for parents and children to learn to meditate. I hope you enjoy!

5 Balloons: A Meditation Technique for Kids (3-10 years old)

I am passionate about helping people learn to meditate and live more peacefully. This video is for kids and is meant as a very beginning breathing practice for 3-10 year olds. Please watch the video first and decide if you would like them to watch along or if you would rather teach them the technique on your own.


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