Abundance Meditation


Abundance Meditation

Today’s meditation is inspired by the energy of Abundance that is within all of us. When we have a desire for anything – a relationship, improved finances, career advancement, better health, and so on – we must first recognize that we already hold the divine seed of what we are manifesting within us. We must amplify our awareness that we are what we seek. Simply put, until you believe that you are one with what you want to have, be or experience you will continue to push it away from you. We feel this as resistance. It is our resistance of our own well-being. This meditation was channeled specifically for you today, to help you feel the feelings of abundance that reside within you. This will help you connect more easily with the physical aspect of what you want.

All of the meditations on my website are created based on a Western meditation style called Mindfulness Exercises. In this meditation style we do not use background sounds. The main reason behind this, is that each meditation is entraining you to your own natural rhythm (biological and neurological). When you repeat this method often, you learn to meditate in a way that is natural and available to you at any time. Ideally, you will listen to this meditation a few times and then repeat the method on your own. When you commit to 30-40 days of consistent meditation practice you change the neuroplasticity of your brain, and therefore, change your life*.

*This free meditation audio is provided for your entertainment purposes only. Please do not listen while driving or working.


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