6 Steps to Shifting Your Momentum Fast!


6 Steps to Shifting Your Momentum Fast!

Do you have those days when you feel like everything is a little off balance or things aren’t going the way you planned? Yep, I have been there too! I can be moving along feeling amazing about my life, my business, my family, my friends…and then…I hit a brick wall. Someone says something and I am thrown off kilter. Does this happen to you often?

I used to experience this all the time. That was until I understood the power of my ability to consciously choose my personal vibration and momentum. I went from “doing” things to change my experience to “being” the change in that moment. I learned that nothing outside of myself needed to change for me to feel better. In fact, the opposite was required. I needed to change the way I *felt* first and then the outside conditions would change.

The other important distinction I learned is that thoughts have no long term bearing on our experiences unless we have dominant emotional responses to the thoughts. In other-words, our emotional response to thoughts need to be maintained long enough to generate a moment. The thought alone does nothing. Wow! This changed things for me forever. Now, those moments of frustration are fewer and further in between. When the do happen, I stop and implement a simple set of steps to shift my energy.

Here are the 6 Steps I use to change my momentum fast!

The moment I notice my energy has shifted from a positive momentum to an efforting or difficult feeling momentum I take the following steps:

1. I stop in my tracks. What ever I am “doing” I stop and I sit down. I stop the cycle in its tracks so that I can regroup.

2. I count my breath. Counting 1 on my inhale and breathing into my lungs and belly completely. Then I count 2 on the exhale, making sure to exhale the air completely out of my belly and lungs. I do this until I count to 10.

3. I identify with the emotion I am currently feeling. Am I sad, angry, embarrassed, jealous? What is my true emotional state?

4. I ask myself, “How would I rather feel?” Then I feel into that emotion using some of my coaching tools. I hold the new feeling for 2 minutes. That’s all it takes…

5. Once I can identify with the new feeling, I ask myself a follow up question, “What wants to come next?”

6. The last step is important! I follow the response I get, no matter what! This can feel tricky at first, but I promise it gets easier when you see the results! Trust this step.


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