5 Ways You Can Go With The Flow and Live Your Best Life!


5 Ways You Can Go With The Flow and Live Your Best Life!

Our world is made up of cycles. They are all around us! We have seasons within each year. We also have seasons in our lives. The planet has cycles and operates within a larger planetary cycle of its own. We follow the movement of life based on time and transition. Yet, when we wake up each day many of us force the events of our lives against our natural cycles. Whether we are pushing for money, recognition, power, love…we seem to get caught up in a momentum of ambition.

When we step back, slow down, and observe the events of our lives it can be a liberating and surprising experience. Often we find that the actions we are taking are not actually bringing us closer to what we want. They may indeed be pushing us further away. When we make the decision to go with the flow, life opens up possibilities we never dreamed possible. What we want seems to come directly to us and the path becomes clearer. When we go with the flow we can learn to listen to the subtle signals that are guiding us.

Here are the 5 things you can do today to access your natural flow:

Learn to be mindful. Being mindful does not require that you become a monk or even learn to meditate. Although, I do advocate for meditation. Being mindful is a way of participating in each moment of your life. To be mindful the only requirement is that you begin to be aware of your own thoughts. This is as simple as noticing that you are thinking in the moment and then asking yourself if that thought is serving you. This simple act of becoming aware will create a ripple effect in your experience that is natural and supportive to your personal growth. Notice your thoughts for 7 days and see if you can choose new thoughts. Record your experience and see how your life begins to open up.
Incorporate a deliberate breathing exercise into your daily routine. In fact, if you can practice a breathing exercise for 5 mins, 5 times a day you will notice extraordinary shifts in your stress levels as well as your ability to relax and go with the flow. My favorite breathing exercise is the 10-count. It takes only a few minutes. You begin by inhaling completely through the nose, filling the chest and belly with air, and then saying to yourself “one”. Then, exhale completely through your mouth and exhaling completely, saying to yourself “two”. Repeat this process with the numbers three and four, five and six and so on until you reach 10. The key here is to count to 10 without losing count. If you do, simply begin the exercise again. This will only take you a few minutes to complete and you will notice side effects right away – less stress, more focus, and increased awareness. If you are feeling inspired, learn to meditate. If you don’t already know how amazing meditation is just google it! It’s mind-blowing the research that has been done, not to mention the inspiring stories of lives changed.
Follow your inner “Yes”. Your inner yes is that gut level feeling that appears in your body when you feel drawn to something or someone. Right now this may feel like a subtle, almost unnoticeable voice or feeling. However, with a little practice your inner yes will begin to increase in strength. The benefit is that you take actions that are in perfect alignment with your purpose. The inner yes is what the animals listen to when they decide where to go, where to eat, and where to sleep. It is also how the river knows where to flow. To find your inner yes, simple close your eyes and begin to think about something you really like. For example, what was the last thing you did that felt amazing. Think of a time when something worked in your favor. Allow yourself time to remember this experience until you feel your body respond, and it will respond. I could go into the science here, but I won’t. Let me just say that all trillion of your cells are always moving toward the good things in your life. You can save yourself a lot of time by listening.
Get an astrology or numerology report done. Learn about your unique personality traits, what your unique role in this lifetime is, and how you can live in alignment with your greatest desires! I cannot emphasize this enough. There are major themes, possibilities and experiences that have been pre-written into our lives. When we identify them for ourselves we can tap into our true nature and purpose with ease. We can stop spinning our wheels in projects, relationships, and experiences that do not serve us. Clarity goes a long way in creating flow in our lives. I do this for all of my clients in our first session so that we can begin all of our work together with crystal clarity. Understanding your blueprint can save your years of frustration and confusion. Clarity helps to narrow the focus of your thoughts so that you are not distracted from your goals.
Manage the sounds in your environment. One of the greatest ways to go with the flow is to support your natural brainwave states for peace and ease. To do this, we must reduce the amount of stress we are exposing ourselves to on a minute to minute basis. Our brains are easily influenced by sound and can move us from stress to ease in a matter of minutes. There are a number of sounds we can use to shift our energy and manifest our desires. This is why many traditions use chants during meditation. The power of the sound vibration impacts their brainwave states, their stress levels, and impacts the immediate environment around them. Likewise, when negative or abrupt sounds are in our environment we can feel tense, aggressive, anxious and may even feel sick. The sound of machinery, the sound of harsh music, the sound of fear or anxiety on television can all impact our well-being. A quick way to manage sounds in your environment is to introduce music into your daily routine. Bring in uplifting music or music that is known for it’s mind-stimulating benefits like classical music or mantras. My favorite is Deva Premal. They have infused powerful intentions to their music and the sound is great as a background for work or relaxing. Another powerful way to manage sounds is to introduce nature elements like water fountains or birds. You can invite these sounds into your space with a recording as well. Play with different sounds over the next 7 days and notice the different results you experience as a result.
This list may seem simple or fluffy, but there is a lot of science out there to support the power of these simple changes. You can live with more peace, confidence and ease. Give these ideas a try for 30 days and see how you feel. I would love to hear how these simple techniques help you live more at ease an in alignment with your purpose. Feel free to share other ideas in the comments below.


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