About Joy

About Joy


Joy is the creator of Mastering the BrainGAME™, a method for accelerated transformation that has helped hundreds transform their lives quickly and effectively. She developed this process from the experiences and strategies she used to rebuild her own life from the ground up.

Unwilling to remain overweight, unfulfilled, depressed and building someone else’s dream she invested completely in herself, returning to school to study psychology and immersing herself in meditation and spiritual practices. Which lead her to uncover life-changing information on how the brain and body communicate and then used this knowledge to overcome her personal challenges.

After losing over 100 pounds, Joy’s appearance on the Dr. Phil Show launched her public speaking and coaching career. Her mission now is to ignite conscious leadership within the coaching industry using these powerful methods that will revolutionize how we live, love and succeed.

You can find Joy in Kelowna, BC Canada or Sedona, AZ USA depending on the weather and her mood. For more information on her background and credentials, visit her Linkedin Page


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Joy Kingsborough is passionate about helping entrepreneurs live a wildly successful life! She helps her clients attain inner peace and mental mastery through business coaching and personal development programs. Contact Joy for more information on how to start your journey and increase your momentum!